четверг, 30 октября 2008 г.

sketchcrawl in Roma

well, yeah, I did it! Haven't met anyone of other sketchcrawlers though. I happened to be in Roma just in time for the SketchCrawl #20 and visited some of the locations listed on the map. The sketchcrawl schedule was until 4pm, but as soon as the day wasn't over by that time I made some drawings after that, too.

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Morena P комментирует...

Hey, good for you you was in Rome for sketching! I'm jalows! Nice work :)

zhenia комментирует...

thank you! In fact, I got know about sketchcrawl occasionally, but as soon as I sketch everywhere anyway, it was a good opportunity for me to explore the city. I'll upload more pics about my european vacation on flickr and here soon.